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Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione
Campus Building The Department of Information Engineering is the main site of advanced research and graduate studies in Electronics, Computer Engineering, Telecommunications and related fields. Expertise in all the ICT disciplines is present in the Department. The research activity is carried on by several groups often in collaboration with universities of different countries and renowned international institutions. The Department also supplies scientific and technical support to industries, firms and public bodies in Italy and abroad. According to the needs this kind of collaboration takes on the shape of contracts for applied research, development of specific projects and joint participation to scientific research programs supported by European or national institutions. The Department has also the teaching responsibility for all the undergraduate courses in the Faculty of Engineering concerning disciplines within its scientific competence.

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General Information
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The Department of Information Engineering is located in the Engineering Departments Blocks (Bldgs No.1 to 4) on the Campus of the University of Parma.

The address is:
Parco Area delle Scienze 181/A, 43124 Parma PR.
The Secretary Office is in Bldg. No.3 ("palazzina n.3")
The Secretary Office phone numbers are:
phone +39 0521 905799 (or 5800)
fax +39 0521 905798
The e-mail address is :
The Department Director is
Prof. Stefano Selleri
The Head of the Secretary Office is
Dott.ssa Paola Magri
The Webmaster is
Dott. Maurizio Mottola

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